L. Christina Smith Foundation

The L. Christina Smith Domestic Abuse Prevention Foundation is committed to creating a world where all young people can grow up in safe and healthy relationships, free from violence. By teaching young people about healthy relationships and the warning signs of abuse, we can help prevent domestic violence before it starts.

The Christina Respect Character

Christina is our Superhero and title character of the Christina’s RESPECT Learning Experience ©.

In her life experiences, Christina uses her super power to swiftly run to help others. She reminds us to always respect others regardless the situation we face in our daily lives. Each person she interacts with, she is intentional about imparting words of wisdom, teaching and reminding everyone to respect one another. She knows that each person that pledges to “respect one another” moves us one person closer to everyone making the pledge and living accordingly!

See Christina’s left hand raised high, using sign language to communicate the word “Respect”. When we sign “Respect”, everyone around us knows you too are committed to “Respect One Another!

Try it and pass it along to others!

Take the pledge to “Respect One Another”.

When you fill out the form, you are informally taking a pledge to show respect towards friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. You will receive a certificate signed by Christina, confirming your pledge.

MISSION:POSSIBLE Body Fit 5K Run & 1 Mile Fun Walk

Saturday October 19, 2024

Windhaven Meadows Park
5400 Windhaven Pkwy
Plano, TX US 75093

MISSION: POSSIBLE Body Fit 5K Run and 1Mile Fun Walk is named for Lontoinette Christina Smith.  Christina, a mother of three young children, a bonus daughter and a goddaughter, touched the lives of many people throughout her life. Chris, a former sprinter, fell in love with cross-country running in the Fifth Grade. Over the years, she ran many marathons across the U.S. and coached others to develop the strength and stamina to run 26.2 mile marathons.  From childhood and everywhere she lived,  Chris met and established long-lasting relationships with people from China, S. Korea, India, Africa, Europe, Australia, Fiji, and right at home throughout the U.S.

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Our Focus

Preventing domestic violence before it starts

Our focus is on young people in middle school (5th grade) through undergraduate college students, as this is the time when they are at a critical stage in their development learning to build relationships and establish friendships. We believe that by intervening early, when young ones are most impressionable, we can help break the cycle of violence and create a more positive and safer world for all.


60% have been exposed to crime, violence and abuse either directly or indirectly.


39% of youth ages 12 to 17 reported witnessing violence.

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Hughes, Bellis, Hardcastle, Sethi, et. al, 2017, Anda 2008, Whitfield 2005

Our Approach


Our research aims to understand the causes and predictors of domestic violence by identifying the early signs, characteristics, traits and behaviors that indicate a potential emotional or physical abuser.

Development and Education

We develop and provide educational materials and programs to teach young people how to build healthy relationships and the warning signs of abuse.

Implementation and Engagement

We empower communities to combat domestic violence through awareness, advocacy for moral development, positive behavior, and support services for self-improvement


Working with domestic violence organizations, the Foundation will create and improve resources tailored to educate specific audiences on positive social behaviors and standards for healthy interaction.


Fundraising efforts will support ongoing research, programming and evaluation. The Foundation may award grants to organizations that are engaged in accomplishing the same mission. One of the key indicators of success will be measurable evidence of the reduction in the number of homicides due to domestic violence.

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Christina’s Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your contribution funds Christina’s Foundation’s projects and operations which support our mission to eradicate domestic abuse by raising young people’s awareness.

Join Us!

The L. Christina Smith Domestic Abuse Prevention Foundation invites all to join in this noble cause and help make a difference in the lives of many people. Together, we can end domestic abuse and create a safer and happier world for everyone.

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